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This Protestor Just Got BODIED

Ok couple of things. I first saw this because Jack Mac interacted with it and because of that I thought it was Lil Sas at first glance doing a sketch. Kind of looks like him if you look quick. 

Second, I have no idea what he’s protesting nor do I really care, but I fully support anyone who has the stones aka onions aka cajones aka balls to say “You sick fuck” right in someone’s face, may steal this approach, everything else I try to stay calm hasn’t worked. Not much has worked when I get angry either but who’s counting. 

Now onto the security. What a fucking shove. I mean just pass blocking like you read about. Absolutely bodied the guy. Maybe the most impressive display of pass blocking since this : 

Just an absolute shove. Textbook. That’s how you deal with these protestors. Out bully the bully. What a fucking move. Someone get him a tryout. And bonus points for the stand over at the end. Love it.