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OH GOOD: The Giants Want A New Quarterback, Willing To Move Up In The Draft For One, But Of Course They Seemingly Screwed Themselves

Good. Great. Grand. Fucking wonderful. Another year of Daniel Jones it seems like? Listen, it's not a secret that the fact the Giants used the franchise tag on Saquon and not Daniel Jones last year was fucking stupid. Now it's just getting dumber. You have Jones under contract for 3 more years because, well, I have no goddamn clue. I was all for seeing what he had in another year under Daboll and group after year 1. Year 2 was a massive failure, which sort of sums up his career as a Giant. Some of it not having any weapons, some of it having no line and some of it simply being the fact he's a below average quarterback who has injury problems. 

Now we're looking at a draft with 3 quarterbacks seemingly in tier 1. You know what the Giants can't do apparently? Draft one of them. Awesome that they want to trade up, love hearing that. Instead there's no one to trade with. Hughes laid it out perfectly there, you have 3 teams who need a quarterback and you're stuck out. You don't trade up for Penix or Nix or McCarthy. Please do not do that. 

Now I'm fully aware you can't completely tank in football. Too many positions, too many outcomes to happen and it's not like basketball where if you have the best player on the court you're in a good spot. But winning these games and landing at 6 is close to a disaster. Yeah, I think Nabers or Odunze would REALLY help the Giants. They need help in a lot of spots, not breaking news here. But now, every year Daniel Jones is there, it's going to be 'when do we take a quarterback?' You know what? Fuck it. Take a quarterback every draft until you find one that works. Could be a 3rd rounder, 1st rounder, whatever. Figure it out because you need a good quarterback. Can't win without them. Shit, take Titus at this point. 

PS: This was the biggest lie ever told

I like Schoen but that contract was fucking stupid.