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Paul Pierce Switched Up His Story Again And Is Now Doubling Down That He Actually Didn't Poop Himself In The NBA Finals

Wally Skalij. Getty Images.

Paul, my guy, I am begging at this point. We don't need to keep rehashing this story. Maybe you pooped your pants, maybe you didn't. If you did, it's OK. That's perfectly normal and happens all the time to pretty much everyone

OK, sorry for traumatizing everyone. That's on me, but I was just trying to prove a point. It's been 16 years, there's no need to keep flip flopping when it comes to this story. 

Hey at least he addressed that clip, but there's just one problem. There's no winning for Pierce in this situation. Once the toothpaste is out of the tube, that's it. The narrative has been written. He's also probably not lying that a lot of the hoopla around him pooping his pants comes from upset Lakers fans since he busted their ass in that series, but what makes his reasoning a little tricky is the fact that I'm not sure this was photoshopped

The 2 minutes of game clock going by is also a little suspect because everyone knows that 2 minutes of NBA game action is easily 15 real minutes. I'm no detective, but this alibi dove have some issues.

The larger point of course is Pierce doesn't need to keep rehashing this moment, regardless if there was doo doo butter in his shorts or not. People are going to believe what they want to believe, and with so much time having passed it shouldn't be a surprise that fans are going to tend to lean more towards the funnier story. Pierce pooping himself and then coming back to shit on the Lakers is the better story anyway. I'm sure there was a knee issue as well, and it was probably a collection of everything.

Instead of trying to finally convince people that he didn't (which will never happen), I say just put the focus instead on what happened once you came back. It was a huge reason why the Celts ended up winning that title, and really that's all that matters