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Mintzy "Cooking" Grilled Cheese During The Yak Pro Day Was Truly a Sight To Behold And May Have Set Humans Back For Decades

I never thought I would laugh and cry as much as I just did watching two men "cook" grilled cheese. We're not talking steak or something complex like turducken. Grilled cheese. One of the more simple things to make on your own behind like cereal? It's one of the first things you learn how to do when you start to gain human functions. Not for these two and that's why this was special to witness. 

Within maybe 15 seconds of cooking Mintzy cut the bread with the bag still on and Klemmer cut himself, requiring Chef Donny to scramble to find him a glove. Then this happened. 

Mintzy decided to cook the cheese directly on the skillet, by itself. Almost instantaneously smoke and fire arrived. 

The look of pure shock from Chef Donny was incredible. He nearly called the police it was so appalling to witness. Mintzy just throwing blocks of cheese on the plate was truly a sight to behold. Like watching the alley oop for the first time. 

You know how bad you have to fuck up a grilled cheese to have someone spit it out? Maybe crazier is that Klemmer won the competition by a nose. Not poisoning Donny gave him the slight edge, but only slight. 

The more and more I think about it, when you consider everything we've watched today and the events that led up to this event, it's really a crowning achievement that Mintzy has survived life to this point. I'll watch that man attempt to tackle any task. A human highlight reel. He can fuck up anything with Dave and it's all worth it for stuff like this. I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. 

Today has been awesome. Here's Shane Gillis' bit on how the special olympics for no reason at all. Completely unrelated. 

Few more events left in the pro day, make sure to tune in now