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Shane Gillis Was Not Expecting Steph Curry To Know Who He Was

The hot streak that Shane Gillis is on continues. I have no idea when it's going to stop. 

>Host SNL

>Netflix show announced

>Steph Curry knows you (may have thought he was a grown-up make-a-wish)

"I'm Shane nice to meet you" put it on a QUOTE CARD!

This does have to be a bit awkward for a guy like Shane. He's been famous for a while, but is he famous enough for Steph Curry to definitely know him? I will never be in a situation like this, but I have thought about how I would handle it. I think you do what Shane does just to be safe. Say hi with your name and assume the guy who is way more famous than you does not know who you are. 

Being truly famous seems like the worst, but it does have massive benefits. Sure, everyone knows who you are and you have no privacy in public, but you do get to talk with Steph Curry after sitting courtside at MSG. I guess it evens out.