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The Internet Continues To Frame Miss Peaches For Heinous Crimes

OHHHH NOOOOO, MISS PEACHES! WHAT DID YOU DO!!! How did you get a knife??? Ohhhhh no Miss Peaches......(RIP Ben Mintz.)

And....what's this?? THE NUCLEAR CODES?

OHHHH NOOOO MISS PEACHES!!!!! Not the Nuclear codes!!!! Nooooooo!!!! Okay, we need to do something about this Miss Peaches....wait....is that TRAVIS KELCE ON YOUR ARM?

NOOOO MISS PEACHES!!!! Not America's Royal Couple!!!! NOOOO!!!!!!

I'm going to be talking in a Miss Peaches voice all day long after watching these videos. There are a ton more of these silly parodies all over Tiktok, people embracing Miss Peaches' naughtier side and of course, excusing all of her behavior because she is just a cute little girl who doesn't know any better. Even breaking up Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce won't turn us against her. MISS PEACHES FOR LIFE!