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There Was A WILD Rescue Of A Driver Stuck In A Semi-Truck That Was Hanging Over The Ohio River


I don't know if that chant actually fits here but goddamn that rescue was awesome. Well I guess it was absolutely terrifying before the driver actually got rescued since it was pretty much a cliche disaster scene straight out of a superhero movie except we don't have actual superheroes in this universe that are able to shoot webs from their hands or fly. I suppose that's probably why the news wouldn't broadcast live video of everything as it went down since there was a decent chance that truck was going down and one of the anchors sounded like she was about to pass out from fear even after the driver was taken out safely from the truck.

Luckily we do have heroes in the real world that save lives without superpowers, so shout out to every single person that helped save a life as well as the HERO (all four letters capitalized) that repelled into that semi as it was hanging on by a thread then carried the driver to safety. I don't know if you give someone who does something as heroic as that a raise or a statue. But I think they should never have to pay taxes again since that type of heroism should be rewarded handsomely and they technically kept another tax payer alive in absolute dire circumstances, so it's all a wash to Uncle Sam.

Now good luck to the big brain in Ohio in charge of trying to figure out how to get that truck off that bridge or more importantly convinces the mayor and the EPA that the safest thing to do is to just drop the truck into the river below.

P.S. I went from watching that dramatic scene in Ohio unfold to watching the dramatic Mintzy vs. Klemmer Combine in Chicago unfold and to be honest, the drama is pretty much a dead heat right now while the Combine has the absurdity factor in spades over the semi-truck rescue.

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