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College Football Is Expected To Add Helmet Communications and a 2-Minute Warning for the 2024 Season

Yahoo — In a long-expected move, administrators on Friday are expected to finalize a recommendation for the adoption of a player-to-coach helmet communications system, the use of tablets on the sideline as well as in the halftime locker room and a two-minute warning in the college game.

After two days of debate here this week, the NCAA Rules Committee is scheduled to vote on the changes in a recommendation to the NCAA Division I Council, which often rubber-stamps such decisions.

It seems like we have more news on changes coming to college football every 12 hours and today is no different. I fall goes according to plan, next season will see the addition of helmet communications, tablets and a two-minute warning.

The helmet communications system and tablets are great. That's long overdue and the pressing need for it was exacerbated this past season with the entire Michigan scandal. College football will be a better game with plays being relayed in through headsets like the NFL has done for decades.

But what the fuck is this about a two-minute warning? This is the first I've heard of it even being discussed and it's apparently going to be in place the next time I watch a college football game? We already have the clock stopping on first downs inside of 2:00, which is a much better way to make the end of games more entertaining and doesn't create two more commercial breaks and give teams that are trailing an extra timeout.

Stop trying to make college football a clone of the NFL. Seemingly contrary to the people running it, the rest of us like college football. We can watch the NFL the day after; we don't need to see a watered down version on Saturdays. The helmet comms are great. The two-minute warning is dumb and unnecessary.