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Vintage Mick Cronin: UCLA Loses To Washington, Immediately Claims His Players Are Now Trying-Out To See Who He'll Keep For Next Year

UCLA losing isn't a story. They stink. They don't even stink like oh they'll be in the First Four and make a Final Four again. They aren't making the NCAA Tournament. But the loss to Washington just sets the tone for vintage Mick Cronin. You probably know exactly what I'm talking about here. Suit all ruffled, him doing the pout look but screaming at the same time. Just arms going everywhere as he looks up at guys and loses his goddamn mind. It's ultimate college basketball and why Mick Cronin has been a name you say every single year for a decade. 

No, the loss sets up the real story. Mick Cronin threatening his players that they are all trying out for the rest of the season. 

Typically I'd say this is bullshit and a coach just rambling to ramble. But it's Mick! Of course this is true. I 100% believe that he'd be willing to cut his entire team and start new. This is the same guy who wanted to hold tryouts for UC football players because he was sick of watching soft basketball. This is a guy who will 100% do the same at UCLA. He doesn't give a shit if it's a blueblood program. He'd go into the rec center and find the most physical players if he has his wish. 

And it wasn't just the players who caught his wrath: 

This is Mick in a nutshell. His team stinks, they get bullied and he's sick of it. You know what else is going to be hilarious? When people bitch if UCLA guys transfer. Uhh, ya think? If you were told you're trying-out to keep a roster spot or you can go to another place and start, guess what? They'll probably transfer. Oh and they are at Washington State for the next game. I'm sure everything will be fine for that.