Welcome To The Future: The NFL Is Looking At Getting Rid Of Its State Of The Art Technology And No Longer Having The Chain Gang

What the hell is this? We've had two stadiums test out new technology and we're still not close to getting rid of the chain gang for next year? I mean, sure, it makes sense. Why use something that can easily tell where the ball is and instead rely on the dumbest thing possible. Two refs running in from the side, randomly putting their foot down at a spot they think looks good and put the ball down. 


Even better, when they use this look from the future: 

The real question is how did it take this long to start even talking about using other technology than the chain gang? It's not like we're just figuring out how to use shit like that. It's not like the NFL is some poor business, they make a shit ton of money and have all of America sitting on our asses watching their product no matter what. Is it just embracing tradition at this point? They want the moment where every fan is yelling that it's clearly a first down only to have a couple guys in vests run out there and put down chains? Sure, it's dramatic. Stupid, but dramatic. 

Look at all this shit we could have in the NFL: 

We know how bad the refs are, let's start helping them out. If we have all this technology what owner is voting no to use it? We're really still gonna let games be decided on where a ref thinks his foot belongs? Come on. Let's take as much opportunity for refs to fuck up out of the game. Seems like a no-brainer. Long live the index card ruling though. Still can't believe that's real every time they whip it out.