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It's Time For The Eagles To Stop Letting Their Players Go On Podcasts

The Eagles are an absolute disaster right now. Their fall from grace in this city has been meteoric. This is a team that everybody in this city would have taken a bullet for in 2022. From the owner to the GM to the coaching staff to the players to the folks working the concession stands. That 2022 Eagles team was magical because the city loved them, and it seemed like they loved the city back, and it seemed like they all loved each other. 

I don't know if you could find anyone in Philly right now who actually likes the Eagles. I'll take a page out of Eagles fan Bradley Cooper's page here and talk shit on your offspring. Being an Eagles fan right now is like having a kid. You're always going to love your kid no matter what, but sometimes you don't like your kid. They can be annoying little pricks sometimes. And that's what we're dealing with right now with the Eagles. 

Whether it's Britain Covey going on a podcast and letting the world know the Eagles were too emotionally exhausted last season trying to figure out a way to get themselves out of that horrific 7-week slump. Or now you have Darius Slay--a team captain--going on a podcast to rip the fans without putting any accountability on the team for giving the fans a reason to boo. I don't even care about what Steven Nelson has to say about Philly fans because to be perfectly honest, I totally forgot he played here to begin with. Guy was here for a college semester and then bounced. If he had to get out of Philadelphia because he couldn't handle playing here, then see ya later. 

But you'd think a captain like Slay would understand the last thing the Eagles need right now are even more distractions and even more reasons to divide the fans and players. You already have sports talk radio in this city doing a fine enough job of making that gap as wide as possible. At some point you'd think someone in the organization would just make a "No More Podcasts" rule. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. We all just need a little break from each other. It would be great to feel excited about this team again once August rolls around instead of already being sick of them. That's all I'm saying. 

Go Birds.