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What Isn’t There To Like About This Guy’s Proposal To Pay Citizens To Report “Criminals” Who Park In Bike Lanes And Use The Fines to Pay For Even More Bike Lanes?

You seriously have to love guys like this. People who ride a bike as their primary and preferred method of transportation in busy urban areas are fucking psychotic. You know the ones I'm talking about. Not the guy who had his license taken away and car impounded for his 5th DUI and who has no other way to get to and from his job every day than to hop on his Schwinn. 

I'm talking about those messenger/courier people who zip around going 30 mph weaving in and out of traffic in 10 degree temperatures bundled up from head to toe, braving the elements. They won't slow down for you in a crosswalk, or if you step off the sidewalk mistakenly. They'll kick or punch your car if they feel like you've infringed on their right of way. They'll even smash one of your side mirrors if they think you cut them off. 

They're raging assholes.

Which is why it's hard not to laugh when you watch some unsuspecting drunk person hop out of an uber ride without checking and clean one of them out by opening the car door that they speed into. 

And it's only getting worse because cities like Chicago, and New York, are taking up valuable parking space, and even full lanes of streets and roads in order to make them "bike lanes".

Which is something this guy above is a huge fan of. 

And anybody whose car dares enter one of these bike lanes needs to be eliminated in his eyes. 

As he says, these people are "criminals".

But my question here is who is the bigger asshole here.

This lunatic who posted that tweet up above with his proposal to add even more bike lanes to the world, and incentivize people to document and report these "criminals".


this Toronto parking enforcement officer who originally took and posted the video...


She's from Toronto (the good), so take that how you will. But the point here is I think she might be even worse.

Imagine your job is, everyday, to ride around on your bike, photograph and videograph all these cars, issue $150 tickets, and them you go and stitch together and edit a video for tiktok, so you can put them on blast, all over something that's marginal at best?

Racking up 1.7 million views in hopes of attracting other loons to your brigade against people who drive motor vehicles.

This first fucking car wasn't even blocking that bike lane.

Go around them lady!

But back to the first guy. Imagine if we enacted vigilante justice and allowed citizens to start ratting on each other, and rewarding them with portions of the fines doled out that they report? Very Orwellian and probably not far down the road.

p.s. - remember when Feitelberg went to war with these people?

p.p.s. - anytime I have a reason to post Steve Spiros you know I'm going to. (Shout out Toronto The Good). that's my word.