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Hat Tip To These Guys In A Golf Cart Who Almost Got Decapitated By This Alligator That Lunged At Them Out Of Nowhere

(*excuse the slight hyperbole in the title. It's all about clicks)

Props to Mario Andretti here who had to have been the guy driving this cart because those reflexes were very above average. 

Props to him also on controlling his bowels and not soiling his UNRL Foreplay shorts right then and there when that dinosaur lunged out at him out of nowhere. 

If that were me, you would have heard a scream higher pitched than Alvin and the Chipmunks, and then saw my breakfast spraying down my leg like Jersey Jerry.

It's still nuts to me there are beasts like that just roaming around everywhere in Florida. Your head must have to be on a swivel non-stop. I'd legit be worried about one sneaking in through a screen door and hiding under my bed. I'd be on high alert always. 

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p.s. - shout out to og commenter @diarrhea