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I Interviewed Kyle Bauer, And I Feel Like We Should Probably Be Best Friends

I felt really good coming into this one. I'm trying to give off some of a Sean Evans interviewing celebrities on "Hot Ones" type of vibe with this. Castellani is going to do his research. I don't care if I'm the only motherfucker in the world who knows Kyle Bauer's SAT score; I'm going to come correct. Every person who takes the time to do an interview on my show is doing me a massive favor. I've watched interviews for a long time, and I'm so tired of the generic questions. I love unique people. I love weird brains and people who memorize random shit and then rock that knowledge on The Dozen. This is a roundabout way of saying Kyle Bauer is rising up the ranks of my favorite human beings.

I love doing this show. It's cathartic for me in the sense that human interaction is good for me, and I like the people I work with. This is my favorite interview that we've done so far. KB is the ultimate Barstool misfit. The weird brain of all weird brains, and I'm saying that with absolute affection. There is a world out there in which Kyle Bauer and I sit in La-Z-Boy chairs in our old age as I create a fake baseball team inside of the fake state that he started creating when he was in seventh grade. 

I've taken a swing at a lot of content in the almost three years that I've been here, but this is the first time I've really believed in something. We got a train rolling. I might have actually found something I'm good at. I appreciate Kyle coming on. We've already recorded two episodes for next week. Tuesday's episode will feature Jackson Jobe, a former Detroit Tigers first-round pick and current top prospect. And next Friday, we'll have an interview with Kelly Keegs. It took three years, but I'm finally starting to get to know my coworkers. Things are looking up.