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Victor Wembanyama Has Reached The Point Where He Is Making NBA History Every Time He Steps On The Floor

Michael Gonzales. Getty Images.

Yes, it is another day that ends in "Y", which means chances are Victor Wembanyama played a basketball game. As we're starting to learn, when that happens we all get to witness something the world has never seen before. Every game it seems like we're seeing some sort of historic performance, just the other week we saw Wemby become the youngest player ever to have a 5x5, and at this point you almost expect it. It's why despite the Spurs being terrible, watching them is still weirdly appointment television. You have to watch Wemby.

Take tonight for example with the Thunder in town. Another Chet vs Wemby battle for ROY, this is a game that on paper, the Thunder should win with ease. But that's the thing about Wemby. He changes the equation. We've seen him go blow for blow with the best players in the league in these big games. Now at home for the first time since February 3rd, the man made sure to put on a goddamn show

The way Wemby took over this game, it was as if we were able to see into the future. He's drilling threes from 35ft, he's making plays at the rim, he's blocking fadeaways to seal the win, it was a complete avalanche of destruction that was unlike anything we've ever experienced. To be this good this early, where you aren't just getting these types of performances every once in a while, you're getting them every time he plays. The consistency is what stands out to me the most, that's in theory supposed to be the hardest part of figuring out the NBA. Yet here Wemby is, as if the rookie wall never existed.

You want to talk about a homerun, put aside all the basketball stuff for a second. The Spurs didn't just bring in a dominant two way player who can score at all three levels, they brought in the face of their franchise. Their next great. 

Look at David Robinson's face! He knows what he sees because that used to be him once upon a time. If you're a young stoolie, please YouTube old David Robinson highlights. God that makes me sound old as fuck but it's well worth your time.

To see how Wemby not only embraces not just being a Spur, but the city and the fanbase all while being THIS good, I mean that's it. That's the jackpot. You just hit the billion dollar jackpot and were the only winner. While it's bullshit the Spurs keep getting away with this, at least Wemby is in the West. He's that conference's problem for at least 6-8 years which is a relief because the second that team figures out what they need to put around him, watch out. Remember, this is the worst Wemby is ever going to be. 

Think about that for a second.