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The NBA On TNT Crew Warning Charles Barkley That They Can See What He Likes On Instagram Is Hilarious

I don’t watch the NBA on TNT show nearly as much as I should. I dial in every night in the playoffs but when I see stuff like this it reminds me how much I’m missing during the year. These guys are the best. Just the perfect mix of ball breakers and hoops diehards. Can teach you something one minute then relentlessly crack on each other the next. Kenny Smith’s book touched on how authentic the show is too and that they take pride in not just having a “you take this side I’ll take that side of the argument” thing. They either agree or disagree and it’s authentic. No designed bullshit like other shows. 

I happen to have this on TV1 after the Knicks game and I’m so glad the volume was on. Them finding out in real time Barkley was on Instagram and then warning him to be careful what he likes was great. You already know they’re monitoring him like a hawk just waiting to make fun of what he likes. Sharks in the water type shit they won’t give him an inch if it means they can make fun of him. Barkley better figure out the Gram quick because these guys are gonna get him and it’s going to be hysterical. 

We already saw the “banging a guy” clip and they didn’t let up on that ones. 

The best part of this whole interaction tonight was Shaq trying to convince him to put #onlyfans on his posts and Chuck going “is that for my only fans of mine ?” Just perfect