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Dog Of The Month February 2024 - Rescued Atlanta Dog Goes On To Help Raise Over $250,000 For Her Fellow Dog Rescues

Fox Business - Barstool Sports founder and owner Dave Portnoy hasn’t just taken Miss Peaches "from outhouse to penthouse" since he adopted the 6-year-old pit bull earlier this month. He has also helped move the needle for the organization that rescued her.

Portnoy revealed Tuesday in an Instagram post that he gave $277,000 to LifeLine Animal Project. Those funds were proceeds from sales of the "Adopt Don’t Shop" apparel featuring Miss Peaches’ likeness that Barstool unveiled after he took Miss Peaches home.

LifeLine Animal Project told FOX Business it was "a significant gift for us."

"This year, we need to raise $6MM in charitable contributions to sustain the organization’s operations, so this gift obviously helps."

The charitable organization has operated in the Atlanta, Georgia, area for over two decades, according to its website.

LifeLine said it "not only cares and finds homes for animals living in LifeLine’s county shelters but also supports the community and prevents pets from entering the shelters in the first place."

The county shelters it runs include those of Fulton and DeKalb Counties.

"Donations help us provide free pet care for people who may not be able to afford unexpected veterinary emergencies. Funds also help us operate a private shelter that pulls animals from our overcrowded county shelters to give more animals a second chance," LifeLine also told FOX Business. "Last year alone, we were able to help over 43,000 animals in our shelters, community and clinics and couldn’t have done that without gifts like these."

LifeLine got Miss Peaches out of a "hoarding situation," Portnoy told host Stuart Varney on "Varney & Co" late last week. The bad situation also reportedly involved neglect and breeding.

She has since been living the good life with Portnoy, happily eating peanut butter and Puppuccinos, chewing at least one television remote and wallet, and getting to ride in a wagon. She has also accrued quite a social media following.

The Barstool Sports founder added that Miss Peaches hoodie and T-shirt proceeds would continue to go to animal hospitals and charities. 

So this month wasn't really fair. It wasn't even a contest. 

Miss Peaches has taken the world by storm since she came on the scene.

And she's not just one of those bitches like the Kardashians that only cares about going viral and fame- she hasn't forgotten where she came from. She's helped raise the great people and place who saved her life almost $300k. 

It's been really heartwarming watching her continue to warm up to Dave and become comfortable in a place around people who aren't pieces of shit, and treat her like a princess. 

It's been equally satisfying watching the world realize what a giant animal lover Dave is. He's always been, some people forget. But OG Stoolies will remember that Queen Stella Bean RAN shit around these parts for years and years. With an iron fist. She was not to be trifled with.

(Sidebar- when Stella was sadly in rough shape before passing, Dave asked me to produce a song that he sang on as a tribute to her. For some reason, he never put it out. But I'm still sitting on it and if I ever need an emergency million dollars I'll release it.)

So suffice to say, Miss Peaches ran away with the honors this month. 

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Here were this month's honorable mention! We love you all you handsome/beautiful pups!