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Draymond Green Wasted No Time Calling Out Warriors Host Bonta Hill For Talking A Whole Bunch Of Shit During His Suspension

Nathaniel S. Butler. Getty Images.

If you were ever curious why the Warriors continue to put up with all the drama and bullshit that comes with having Draymond Green on your team, all you have to do is look at what has happened to the team since he returned from his most recent suspension. 

After their 110-99 win tonight at MSG over the Knicks, the Warriors are now 13-6 since Draymond's return, while boasting the 5th best offense in the league, the 5th best defense, and the 4th best net rating. The only teams out West who have arguably been better during this stretch are the Wolves and Thunder, who had led the conference all year. For comparison, those teams are both 14-6 over this same timeframe.

While Steph may be their best player, Draymond will always be the straw that stirs the drink. Sure the improvement of Jonathan Kuminga and the emergence Brandin Podziemski have helped, but the way Draymond impacts everything the Warriors do on both ends is why he's so important. 

What also makes Draymond unique is the fact that he is certainly not shy when it comes to talking his shit. If he feels you've wronged him, he's going to let you know about it. I can't think of a better example of this than what happened immediately after the final whistle

Seeing as how I'm not in the Bay, I was curious what the hell Bonta Hill must have said. I have no real clue who he is, so forgive me if he's some sort of hot take artist or someone who just tries to stir up drama in that market, but after some quick research I'm pretty sure it was stuff like this 

Hey, if someone is going to go on camera or on the radio and be willing to say shit, then I see nothing wrong with how Draymond reacted. He wasn't disrespectful or anything like that and he was still able to make his point. In today's world, we're seeing athletes fight back more and more, openly calling out bullshit when they see it, which I think is a good thing. Granted I think most would agree what Draymond did to get suspended was completely unacceptable and very much a serious issue, but when you get in the content game this is what you sign up for. Sometimes athletes punch back, whether it's KD on Twitter or Draymond on TV.

Meanwhile, the Warriors continue to prove that until they are TRULY dead and buried, everyone should be taking them seriously. They still have a ways to go to climb out of the Play In (3 games), but I can't imagine being MIN or OKC and having this great regular season only to have to potentially see Steph Curry in Round 1 of a playoff series. Just ask the Kings how that went after their incredible season last year. 

As long as they find a way to keep this momentum up, remain healthy, Draymond isn't suspended and is able to actually be on the court, I think you'd be a fool to sleep on  what GS might be able to pull off (again). Is that simply my PTSD from 2022 showing up again? Yeah, so what if it is. Deep down you know I'm right.