Every Idiot Who Lost Their Goddamn Mind Over Kyle Filipowski Should Be Forced To Publicly Apologize Since He's Now Trying To Troll Wake Forest

I've seen enough. Jay Bilas, Seth Davis, Seth Greenberg, Marty Mush, anyone else who made a big deal about Kyle Filipowski never walking again needs to be publicly shamed until they offer an apology, preferably while crying. Actually, just make them look like this: 


You can't act like you're some hero surviving a boo-boo and then troll the team that beat you. I don't care how much you're embracing the Duke whining, punchable face look. I don't care if Wake lost by 100 to Notre Dame. We had idiots across this country trying to ban court storming. It was the biggest topic in sports for like 4 days. Do you know how goddamn stupid it is for that to be the topic and have people come up with ridiculous theories on how to stop it? I've seen everything from the game being a forfeit to losing a home game next year and everything else in between. 

Here's an idea. Don't act like you're getting your leg amputated and do the standard Duke lecture bullshit. Weird how we've had court storms before and after that with no problems! Just a coincidence, I guess. Oh and for all this 'he's not the same' we heard from Jon Scheyer, he sure seemed to be fine. 

I know it's Louisville and they are a glorified YMCA rec team, but 30 minutes? That's all I need to know about how much bullshit this entire thing was. So if you wasted your breath yelling about college kids storming the court, you should be forced to cry about being wrong. You should have to retract every single thing you said and frankly never be taken serious again. Embarrassing.