Greg Gard Pissed Off A Bunch Of Indiana Fans For Having The Audacity To Joke That A Fan Pulled The Fire Alarm To Stop Wisconsin's Run

This was the most common joke used on Twitter last night. Everyone basically said a variation of the same thing. An Indiana fan took it upon themselves to pull the fire alarms, get the game stopped and evacuate the entire arena. 


Now you can say that Gard is complaining about the fact it happened and the break wasn't what they were told it would be. Fine. Of course he's going to bitch. College coaches complain about anything and everything that's out of their control. Shit, if a chair is out of place a coach will find a way to complain about it. They are elite at complaining about the smallest amount of shit, especially after a loss. 

That's really the key here. Wisconsin lost. Wisconsin didn't just lose to a bad Indiana team, they fucking stink right now. This was a team projected to be a top-4 seed in the NCAA Tournament and now people are debating if they are even a lock if they keep losing down the stretch. So of course Greg Gard isn't the happiest guy in the world. Maybe that's why Indiana fans are pissed off? They don't even know if Gard is truly joking because Greg Gard doesn't make jokes. He's very much a 'I coach basketball at Wisconsin and we're going to bore you to death.' 

I'll say this though. If a fan truly devised a plan to pull the fire alarms, stop the Wisconsin momentum and give Indiana a win, I'll even have to tip my hat to them. That's a level of fandom that we all should have. Then again, Indiana fans want to get rid of Mike Woodson and a win doesn't really help that. Welcome to Big 10 basketball.