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Andy Cohen Is Under Fire For Allegedly Doing Blow With 'Housewives' And Playing Favorites

A bombshell new lawsuit paints a damning picture of the behind-the-scenes culture at reality TV giant Bravo as a dysfunctional club that “thrives off” hard drugs, encourages alcohol abuse and turns a blind eye to sexually predatory behavior.

Court documents filed on Tuesday by one of its former stars, Leah McSweeney, even claim it’s an open secret that the network’s figurehead, Andy Cohen, snorts cocaine with a coterie of his favorite “Real Housewives” stars, and doles out special professional favors to his employees-cum-personal party pals.

Meanwhile, the papers claim the network is aware that a different senior producer “routinely sends unsolicited pictures of [their] genitalia to lower-level … production employees,” but the documents claim that higher-ups have done nothing to stop it.

The shocking claims are part of a lawsuit in which McSweeney, 41, claims that the network preyed on her alcohol problem, either by intentionally exacerbating it or by preventing her from seeking help for it, in a cynical attempt to turn her suffering into ratings.

She’s seeking unspecified damages. A rep for Cohen told Page Six: “The claims against Andy are completely false.”

The news comes days after fellow “Real Housewives” star Brandi Glanville claimed in a legal letter that an “obviously inebriated” Cohen sexually harassed her by telling her that he wanted to “sleep with another Bravo star” while “thinking” of Glanville and invited her to watch over FaceTime.

Yikes. Yikes. Yikes. I mean finding out that Andy Cohen may do cocaine with his favorite Housewives is like finding out that that the sky could be blue and the grass might be green. Just watch one episode of the OG Real Housewives and it felt like they were on something.

However, there is a lot more in this lawsuit that is super fucked up. This lawsuit seems like it is trying to reveal the dark behind-the-scenes "truth" of the legendary Bravo Network by them having knowledge of the triple threat of drugs, alcohol abuse, and predatory sexual behavior. NOT GOOD, even though it would not be shocking to find out that Bravo is a toxic work environment considering the network THRIVES off of toxicity and drama. 

Obviously we're not sure how much Cohen is involved in all this and his reps clearly are fighting all the claims against him. But these are still very serious accusations that could impact Bravo and the 'Real Housewives' franchise, along with the face of Bravo.