The Alternate Angle Of The Texas Tech Fan Getting Carried Out Of The Arena Is Even More Outrageous - Dude Starts A 'Fuck UT' Chant While In Handcuffs

We saw what happened last night. An intentional foul led to Texas Tech fans losing their goddamn mind and throwing stuff on the floor, leading to a technical foul on Texas Tech. It's all here, I promise: 


It was highlighted by this man who was shown on ESPN being hauled out of the arena limb by limb

Tough look to being bodied while your team is getting its ass kicked. But luckily in 2024 we get alternate angles of everything. If there's the slightest bit of commotion, someone whips their phone out and we get the closest look at it all. That's what we have here. Buddy made sure to get his message across with the fuck UT chant. Shockingly, not many joined in. Do you know how much you have to fuck up to not get every single person at Texas Tech fully to buy into a fuck UT chant? That and Horns Down is what every other school Texas plays lives for. 

Now I call this guy an asshole because you're hurting your team! I know everyone wants to scream about court storms, I don't care. Storm the court if you're any school besides Kentucky, Duke, UNC and Kansas basically. I think everyone agrees launching shit onto the court is dumb. There's no argument for it. Not to mention, it was during a time that a Texas player got ejected! It doesn't even make sense! You give your own team a technical foul. That's step number 1 to ruining any possible comeback. 

This is worst case scenario right? Team gets their ass kicked by a rival in the likely last regular season game for a long time between the two. You get arrested. You're all over social media for looking like an asshole AND only half the people joining in on your fuck UT chant. Can't bounce back from this, you just can't. Dude is gonna have some awkward phone calls.