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HAPPY HARPER DAY: Today Is The 5-Year Anniversary Bryce Harper Signed With The Phillies


(Very kindly ignore the lineup projections in that welcome Bryce to Philly blog from 2019. Odubel Herrera AND Maikel Franco in the starting lineup with a "Very Capable" Knapp and Nick Williams, "A guy who could start for most teams", off the bench? Good gravy that was something.)


Underrated. Underpaid. Unanimously Amazing. No offense to Jim Thome, Cliff Lee, and Gregg Jefferies (actually, major offense to Gregg Jeffferies), but after only 5 years into Bryce's 4,000-year contract, it's safe to say he's the greatest free agent signing in franchise history.  Maybe even Philly sports history (Jason Peters is sneaky my fav addition across the board but he was acquired via trade with the Bills). We've got a MVP, World Series appearance, and another NLCS run after not making the playoffs in over a decade. Does he need to win a ring to solidify everything? Of course. Even Bryce would admit that. If he someway, somehow doesn't close one out he'll be in the discussion with Marino, Barkley, and Bonds to be the best to never win one. 

But hopefully that won't be the case. Ring 1 of 8 straight coming for Bryce into South Philly. The dude is a winner and will find a way. Not only that, just an upstanding dude. The perfect representation for Philadelphia on and off the field. When we had Bryce for an interview we were scheduled for 10-20 min...and he shot the honest shit for well over an hour. First class all the way. 

In only 5 years, Bryce has already accumulated some all-time Philly sports moments. But the playoffs is where the man has really shined:


Can't exactly disagree with Fritz's assessment of Bryce's Top 5 Postseason moments. I'd switch the WS dinger of McCuller's and the double off the Padres, but we're splitting hairs at that point. All 5 moments are beautiful with the top 2 bordering iconic in the realm of Philadelphia sports history. 


PS - Bryce Harper 2024 MVP Odds On Draftkings Sportsbook: +1000 #DKPartner

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