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Modern Medicine Needs To Study Nick Cousins And His Ability To Miraculously Heal From Severe Injury

All across the globe we have these nerds in lab coats trying to cure all the illnesses in the world. Years and years of research and tests. They've been able to find a cure for many diseases, but what's one thing they haven't been able to cure yet?


People are still dying every single day. Doctors still haven't found a way to make people immortal. But apparently, Florida Panthers forward Nick Cousins has been able to achieve just that. Because you take one quick look at this dude down on the ice and you figure he's on his death bed. 

Draw a line of chalk around 'em, baby. 

But like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Nick Cousins miraculously springs back to life to jump on a dude's back once the actual fight has already passed him. 

He's like the real life version of Wolverine. 

All I'm saying is a few blood samples from Nick Cousins could be the secret to unlock this whole thing. Might turn us all into rat people if we get it injected into our own stream. But immortal rat people, at least.