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Love Is Blind Season 6 New Episodes Come Out Today - What You Need To Know To Be Caught Up

Love Is Blind is my favorite reality TV show and we're nearing the end of a terrific sixth season! Episodes 10 + 11 drop today on Netflix followed by the finale next week. Here are the things we need to find out in today's shows. 



Kenneth and Brittany appeared to just fully call it off after she admitted she didn't "crave" him. This was a total shock as they seemed to be one of the more rock solid couples coming out of the pods. She is very attractive and thought he was a stocky African-American man based on his voice. She wasn't wrong and said she was initially happy with his looks. As an unbiased viewer, I think he's a decent looking guy, so I see no issue as she had some facts before they met. She was holding out the goods til marriage, so sex was never an issue at the vacation after the pods. When they moved in together and his job and screen time started to become a larger part of his life is when the splintering happened, but this break up was just too easy. 

Was Kenneth starting to pull back after AD questioned if Brittany could raise black children? That will be an interesting storyline to potentially touch on in these episodes, but definitely the reunion.

What the fuck was Jeramey (horrific name spelling) doing to Laura?! They seemed like a great couple then weirdly got derailed by some weird tit slapping move called "bean dipping"?! Maybe the weirdest reason to get in a real fight ever. But they're both in their 30s and seem grounded. When they move in together she won't shut up about his Hawaiian shirts and then he goes and clearly cheats on Laura with the other woman he was considering at the end!

An absolutely wild move to share your location only to go to the location that you know she'd catch you at! This is the last scene we have of these two so we have to know: are they done for real? And if so, does Jeramey then link up with Sarah Ann?


Johnny and Amy are getting married. They are extremely boring and both nerds. Her dad has to give his blessing, but I don't really see this as a hurdle as it seems like it should be fine. These two are not meant for the screen. Zero drama.

Will AD and Clayton make it to the altar? Despite a rocky start with AD leaning Matthew (?!?!) over Clayton, they ended up finding love together and had a good vacation. Living together has been somewhat smooth, but this is a huge decision. 

Clayton seems worried he's going to cheat on AD at some point and AD also is having a hard time adjusting to Clayton's work schedule. There are some bumps in the road, but these two seem to be on the right path for now. Will it stay that way in episodes 10 + 11? Will Matthew potentially resurface and cause an issue?!

And finally - Chelsea and Jimmy. Are they going to make it to tomorrow? These two are honestly the worst to see fight. It seems like Jimmy wanted out as soon as he saw Chelsea, despite stating looks didn't matter after this experiment. Where we are in the season, he's just seen what Jess, the woman he chose Chelsea over, looks like and BOY DID HE BLOW IT!

Jimmy and Chelsea fight constantly. She is a flight attendant and is off work with not much to do and he's a sales guy who is back on the grind post-vacation. He's taking calls from home and she is just going to a local coffee shop while he does that? That is not a strategy that's built to last. 

Their post-pod vacation was full of ups and downs highlighted by Jimmy saying his feature that first noticed on Chelsea was her teeth. A brutal blow to any woman looking for a compliment about their body. This is one of their latest fights and we really need to see this couple fall apart because they are toxic together.


Chelsea needs CONSTANT reassurance and Jimmy just doesn't seem to be attracted to her. That is a volatile combination that makes Love Is Blind THE BEST SHOW ON TV.