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Chaos: Indiana/Wisconsin Was Stopped With The Game Tied, Entire Arena Evacuated Because The Fire Alarms Wouldn't Stop Going Off


Absolute chaos at Assembly Hall tonight. Now, that said, if this was a fan trying to stop momentum and get anything good going on there for the first time in decades, you have my attention. Everyone has written you off as a blueblood and Wisconsin has momentum in this game, gotta figure something out. Apparently there was smoke in the elevator though, so gonna need a full report on that. 

Felt like this should have been mentioned right away. I saw a lot of tweets of people bringing up the tornados in the area tonight before someone was like uhh well they are evacuating outside. I'm not that smart, but I know that's not where you're supposed to go in a tornado. I know we all rush to break the news on Twitter, but someone should have mentioned the fire alarms right away. Seems like that'd be easy to hear if they are evacuating a place. 

I don't know the last time I've seen this in college basketball. Obviously we had the delay with the Ravens/49ers Super Bowl. I'm not talking a delay for wet floor or a leak from the ceiling. I'm talking a fire alarm delay. College basketball, where weird shit happens. Make it the official slogan already.