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Twitter User Has Maxed Out 8 Credit Cards Buying Bitcoin Since August 10th.....Here's How He Is Doing

Not sure if you've heard, but Bitcoin has been absolutely ripping. This time last year, BTC was at $23, We are up to $56,808:


Big-time gains. Even since the last time I blogged about Bitcoin, when I told Dave to just purchase BTC right there and then (2/16), it has pumped an extra 9% from 52,182 to 57,000. PUMP IT UP.

One of the riskiest crypto buyers is Twitter user Sunny Po:

I want to reiterate this is NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE, but this is some iconic shit from Sunny Po. His profit of $27,321 is not bad as of now and he has until May 2025 with 0% APR. Sure, this may be damaging his credit, but I don't think Sunny Po really cares about his credit to be fair. Plus, if he does pay it back….his credit levels will go back to normal (or at least close).

What is Sunny Po's inspiration? Sick of the money printer going BRRRRRRRRRR:

The only issue with his plan? He has to pay back the credit card companies eventually, and to do that he'll probably have to sell his Bitcoin. That is a no-no. As Michael Saylor said above….you never sell your Bitcoin.

I want to retiterate that I do NOT recommend maxing out 8 credit cards to buy crypto. That being said, if you are looking for a good time to buy BTC/ETH/LINK, I suggest doing it the second you're reading this. This is NOT financial advice.