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Selling A "Willy Wonka Experience" By Using AI To Simulate The Chocolate Factory Is Brilliant And Just Might Leave You Dead


Sometimes I see stories on the internet and I think there is simply no way that it's true. This is one of those times. 

As a parent, there is rarely a joint experience for the kids and the adults that I would enjoy. Sure. I like going to sporting events, movies, and on vacations to like Disney or whatever. But other than that, kid activities stink when you get older. Every now and then, however, a joint experience pops up that makes you happy. 

For me, that's usually a petting zoo! I love hoppin in the ole pen and seeing those little goats with barely any horns just a jumpin and having the zoomies all around the hay. I love rubbing the pig's belly. I love seeing a rooster crow his little heart out. I love watching my kids as they give a pony a couple of sugar cubes. Just a delightful experience like holding and snuggling this little chick was (hopefully is but you never know.)


So, if you were like most millennials and you're taking your kid to an event like Wonka, you have high hopes. You have the hope that your love for all things Wonka still exists. You are excited to introduce them to this magical world. Your kid has zero idea who Wonka is but you're happy to share the basic plot with them on the way to the exhibition. 

You explain that there's this kid named Charlie Bucket who's a HUGE poor. This fucker's dad works at the toothpaste factory and his mom makes cabbage soup all day. Charlie is out there slingin newspapers all over the joint so that he can help out. One day, the finds a whole ass dollar in the gutter and buys a chocolate bar. As luck would have it, this blonde-haired poor boy finds one of those golden tickets! Exciting! 

Charlie and his malingering-ass Grandpa head out on a wild tour of Wonka's factory, and let me tell you, shit was wild as hell in there! There are chocolate rivers, edible mushrooms, fizzy lifting drinks - you name it, Wonka's got it and he's got it in spades. 

That's all you can say so that you won't ruin the experience. The next thing you know, you're in the experience and your rage is out of control. You murder everyone. You had to. The kids are going crazy. Your spouse is losing it. You're losing it. 

You get acquitted because the Judge is a mother and she understands that it was a crime of passion. If the pic doesn't match the exhibit, you must acquit. 

No further questions.