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"I Don't Know About Anything Pizza" - Raptors Head Coach Darko Rajakovic Better Come Through With Their Pizza Party Now That The Raptors Finally Won 3 Games In A Row

Andy Lyons. Getty Images.

Currently sitting at 22-36, it's been a long season for the Toronto Raptors. You could make the case they waited a tad to long to smash the rebuild button, instead choosing to live in NBA purgatory for years before finally pulling the plug this season. When you go through a season like that, morale can be a tricky thing. NBA players are mostly competitive as hell, and not everyone responds well to the early stages of a rebuild, because with those growing pains come a ton of losses. But as they integrate their new pieces and give Scottie Barnes the keys to everything, it will take some time before things truly gel.

Which is probably why earlier in the year Raptors head coach Darko Rajakovic joked that if the team won 3 games in a row, he would throw them a pizza party. To some that may seem silly and pointless, but not me. I would challenge you to find someone who doesn't love a pizza party. They are incredible. Well, after going on the road and taking down the Pacers last night, look at what we have here


For the first time in the 2023-24 season, the Toronto Raptors have won 3 games in a row. There had been 4 other instances this year where the Raptors won 2 in a row but fell short, they had a win 3 in 4 stretch as well, but now that they've finally achieved such an impressive feat, you'd think a pizza party was on deck right?

Listen I know Rajakovic is sort of joking here, but it is no laughing matter. If you promise a pizza party for anything in life, you have to deliver said pizza party. There are a lot of sacred things in this world, and to me, the pizza party is one of them. Maybe it's because my childhood was molded by pizza parties at Chuck E Cheese for birthday parties and whatnot. Maybe it's the fact that while at Camp Bauercrest as a kid there was no better moment than when the counselors came into the bunk with a dozen pizzas for dinner because nobody was an asshole for the week, which was HUGE. Maybe it's the fact that once I got into the real world and had a cube job, they dangled that free pizza in front of you like a carrot to boost morale as opposed to you know, paying you more money.

The point is, the pizza party promise has been an instrumental practice throughout my entire life. So when you start committing to treating everyone to some delicious pies if they get something done, you have to come through with the goods. If you can't believe in the pizza party promise, what can you believe in? We live in a society here people. Everyone loves pizza parties. Looking at the schedule, the Raptors are in Brooklyn on April 10th. Boom, there's your solution.

Also, very quietly, even at 22-36 I'm not ready to say the Raptors are officially dead yet. They sit just 3.5 games back of the Hawks for the 10th seed, but remember Trae Young is going to be out for about a month after having finger surgery. Is it crazy to suggest that with the power of a pizza party they could make up that ground and get into the Play In? It's a long shot, but not impossible. Maybe you think that's a bad idea because making the Play In would push TOR out of the lottery, but remember they don't own their first round pick this year. I would argue this is the time to get any sort of "playoff rep" you can get with your new young core and let that enhance your rebuild, even if you lose. Those experiences are important for young players to go through.