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Elliotte Fiedman Wonders What We All Wonder...Can Patrick Kane Come Back To Chicago?

"I'm not sure if Patrick Kane will sign an extension (with Detroit) in-season...I think we believe at the end of last year Chicago had closed the book on that era of the Blackhawks. I just wonder if there's any chance now, after seeing how that night went, that that could change. I have no insight to this...but after seeing the way he played, the way the crowd reacted, I just wonder if it might be possible".--Elliotte Friedman, 32 Thoughts Podcast

We've all been wondering it. We've been pining for it. It's the #1 question I get asked about the Blackhawks and I get asked about it every single day. Can Patrick Kane return? We saw his quote

Some people want me to let it go...I can't. I am not sitting here asking for them to bring back Toews (I hope he's okay. He was the only guy main guy who wasn't there on Sunday). We are talking about Patrick Kane with two hips. He is ripping up the league. Over a point per game for a playoff team that...doesn't see a ton of the puck 5 on 5. 

Imagine a lineup like this next season




Reichel-Foligno-Joey Anderson



LD-RD signings

You'd also have Colton Dach, Nazar, Kaiser, etc knocking on the door. 

Obviously you'd need to win the lottery and have Stamkos and Kane willing to come here, but that team right there...that's going to be a fun and very competitive. You wouldn't jeopardize anything in the future either. 

I am glad Patrick Kane got the reception he did. He knows that at least the fans love him and want him back. He would be the PERFECT wing for Bedard. He would be the veteran leader that this team desperately needs. As much as we all appreciate the presence that Foligno has brought to the team, when your best player is your most demanding and your hardest worker it elevates the rest of the team. 

I said in other places previously that I've heard whispers the organization didn't love Kane's attitude last year. I'd be frustrated too if I was playing on one hip for one of the worst teams in the league, and after giving everything for 16 years the organization didn't even talk to him about their plans for him until right before the deadline. That certainly isn't a good enough reason to slam the door in his face. 

This isn't about nostalgia. It isn't about emotion. It isn't about the past. This is about building a team for the future. It's about trying to be competitive. Patrick Kane helps the team. If he wants to be here and can get over how he was treated then the organization should be trying to bring in a point per game veteran leader who can help nurture Bedard because only those two see the ice in a similar way.