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Monty Williams Can Cry All He Wants About It Being 'An Abomination', The Knicks Won That Game Fair And Square On A Batshit Crazy Final Play

Bing bong baby! After all this time, I finally figured out what that guy was yelling about with bing bong. It was this exact moment. The moment the Knicks willed themselves to a win. Don't care that it was over the Pistons, counts the same in the standings. Sometimes you gotta scrap out a win over a garbage ass team. 

You know what I see here? A team with heart. A team fighting for a top-3 seed in the East. A team led by a superstar point guard and his best friends from college (bring back Arch). A team battling. What I don't see? A foul. I do see Monty Williams crying. 

An abomination! This is good old fashioned hustling, Monty. This is the difference between a team that's 35-23 and 8-49. Winners mentality vs loser mentality. Gotta teach your rookie to be stronger with the ball. Plus, any time the Garden gets going like this during a regular season game, it's a win for the entire sport of basketball. It's good old fashioned 90s Knicks and now we're having guys argue about hard defense? Make up your mind! 

Plus this is called karma. Karma when the league stole a win from the Knicks (give us the appeal still). 

All I know is every other Knicks fan should be waking up daily and thanking whoever you pray to that we have Jalen Brunson. I like to thank all things holy that the Mavs decided to be dumb with him and let him fall into our lap. Ho-hum 35 and 12 night. Business like always for a guy who only makes winning plays. 

Play the fucking music!