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Dedication: For The Second Year In A Row, The Same Torino Coach Was Busted Hiding Out In A Tree With Binoculars To Spy On Roma's Practice

I think I love this guy. I mean you get caught spying a year ago, lose 1-0, there's only thing to do. Run it back. Hide out in a tree like you're Ed O'Neil's coaching staff in Little Giants and try to spy again. Needless to say something is going wrong though. You can't lose two times in a row with a guy hiding out in a tree. 

Everyone knows if you get accused of spying, you need to win a title. That's how it works in sports. So this Michele guy is in charge of writing the scouting report and has gotten busted two years in a row? He needs to change something here. Either he's hiding in the same spot or he has no idea how to write a scouting report. Bring a camcorder and tape it, let someone else do it. Mix it up and maybe you'll get a win. 

Oh and apparently this is a picture of him doing it? 

Buddy, climb up in that tree. Disguise yourself a little better. This is hardly spying, it's more just stumbling upon Roma's practice. Plus, if you're a grown man climbing up a tree, no one is going to get you down. That's an athletic feat that should be applauded. I do feel a sense of nostalgia should be rewarded here though. The binoculars and hiding out is as old school spying as it gets. Why act like it's 2024, when you can go do it yourself? But if you want to win, clearly you need to figure out a better plan.