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Woman Ignites Viral Debate After Leaving Her Boyfriend To Go Dance With Omah Lay On Stage

Before this weekend I did not know who Omah Lay was. As it turns out, the Nigerian R&B singer has some popular songs that have vaulted him to 5 million followers on Instagram. I recognized some of them from TikTok, but outside of that I had not come across his work. I am not here to discuss his quality of music, but instead a deep dive into why his concert took over Twitter this weekend.

Above, there is a tweet with 45 million views. In it, you can see Omah Lay point to a woman in the crowd, who then went on stage and danced with him.

The dancing was incredibly sexual, which is right on par with Omah Lay's R&B style. This is something he does at all of his shows.

Why did this go viral? Well, it turns out the woman who went on stage attended the event with her boyfriend.

Other angles of the viral moment were found, including this one where her boyfriend is in shock:

Poor guy:

This of course had the internet in a hizzy. People were defending the woman for doing this, while others said the boyfriend should leave her immediately for the disrespect shown. We found out that this relationship has been going on for under a year, thanks to Kai Cenat interviewing the guy:

The woman who went on stage ended up posting her on TikTok explaining her side of the story:


-She said sorry to her man.

-Called it a "mistake"

-Said it wasn't worth the hate she is receiving (consequences of your own actions do stink)

-"We're young, so we just wanted to have a good time….we are young."

-Said it felt like the right thing to do because she is "young" and wanted to have "fun."

-Mentions that this shows a lot because "us women can have fun too"

-Claims that her and her man have discussed her going on stage with Omah Lay before and he said it was okay.

-She titled this video "part 1" but there is no part 2.

The video goes about as you'd expect it to. She hit the "I was having fun" "we are young" and sexism sections of the apology bingo card. 

Omah Lay does this at all of his concerts, which reminds me of the Keke Palmer situation from over the summer with Usher. 

Usher, of course, ran this back with Alicia Keys during the Super Bowl….Swizz Beatz did not seem to mind:

It seems like all is fine in the world of the boyfriend in this Omah Lay situation:

Kai Cenat gave him $20,000 and a new girlfriend (the streaming world is wild lol):

City boys are up tremendous!

If I am a music label, I am taking notes on this situation. If you want to blow up your artist, this may be a good way to do it, especially if they are in the R&B genre. Nothing gets the internet going like a debate over a woman "disrespecting" her man. Now, everyone is wondering who this Omah Lay guy is. I can only imagine how much in free marketing this guy has got because of this incident.