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NHL on TNT Researcher Dummies Paul Bissonnette In Heavyweight Fight Live On-Air

They say that the most dangerous man is the one who has nothing to lose. 

Jaz is one of the best in the biz at what he does. Guy can pull any stat you could ever ask for. You want to know which NHL player scored the most goals in their career on Tuesday night away games during leap years? He'll fire it up for you on the spot. But when it comes to dropping the mitts and throwing haymakers?

Well Jaz is a good ol' Philly scumbag through and through. So maybe this wasn't his first rodeo. But he certainly has less on the line in a fight than former NHL enforcer Paul "BizNasty" Miss-The-Net Bissonnette. You head over to and you can scroll for days on Biz's page. 32 fights in 2008-09. 28 fights in 2007-08. Chucking some knucks on a nationally televised broadcast isn't anything new to Biz. 

But Jaz has nothing to lose. I mean, sure, he may have gotten shit pumped in the first half there. But Philly scumbags don't give up that easily. You think Rocky just gave up after losing to Apollo Creed? Hell no. There were still 5 other movies after that. 5 more movies! So Jaz picks himself up off the floor, and with the entire weight of Philly sports fandom on his shoulders he launches himself at Biz and takes his ass down. What a win for all the little guys out there.