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Ed Kelce, Travis and Jason Kelce's Dad, Is Beefing with Bethenny Frankel from Real Housewives

SOURCE - “When you get into real life and you get into kids and marriage and things like that… it’s not easy [and] relationships take work. And it’s hard, because Taylor Swift is certainly a peacock. So they’re really usually can only be one peacock in a relationship,” Frankel said during her rant about how the pop star and three-time Super Bowl Champion are both alphas in their relationship.

GET HER ASS, ED!!!!!! He's right!! WHO TF IS THIS TROLL?? Who are you, the fucking peacock police? A relationship that has two outgoing people can be happy and healthy. Maybe, Bethanny, you just have never experience a relationship where both people uplift each other. There doesn't have to be one star of the show. This is also the SECOND time she has made a Tik Tok about Taylor and Travis. 

SOURCE - “It’s important to find people that you like spending time with … but you’ve got to maintain your own identity and you don’t want to absorb your whole life into someone else’s,” she advised. “You’ve got to keep your two feet on the ground and be your own person and nobody needs to save you.” 

She's literally saying this because Taylor went to Travis game. That's all she did. And root for Travis. She didn't fucking cancel her tour and follow him for the rest of the season. So insane. Taylor Swift does NOT need saving. I just really think Bethanny doesn't understand Taylor at all. WHO TF IS THIS TROLL???!!! Seriously!!!! I am glad that Ed clapped back. I don't know why Bethenny would want to come after Taylor and Travis. Probably because she is slowly becoming more and more irrelevant! She just needs to talk shit and bring people down for clicks. How sad. 

Also, spelling your name "Bethenny" is so fucking weird. Spell it "Bethany" like a normal fucking person.