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Creighton Security Has Solved The Court Storming Issue

As you know....the court-storming debate is BACK after Saturday's situation with Kyle Filipowski. ESPN has Jay Bilas on every show possible pushing the idea that court-storming needs to result in college kids being sent to the GULAG. 

Wake Forest wasn't the only court-storming this past week in CBB. Creighton stormed the court after they took down #1 UConn on Tuesday night and I must say, the fine folks of Bluejays Nation are very smart:

Even though it was against my Huskies, have to tip the cap to Creighton for this. Is this a 100-percent foolproof solution? Of course not, but it's better than what happens now.

I have always been anti-court/field storming (except for SPECIAL situations), but I'm not a bozo that is calling for court storming to be banned. It is certainly dangerous, but I can't even imagine a world where it could correctly be banned. Fans storm the court/field so much these days, schools would have to hire extra security (who already don't care) just in case. College athletics already operate on thin margins, especially at schools that would be storming the court (top programs rarely do). 

The other option is to make the punishment so severe that the students don't do it. What are you going to do….kick 5000 students out of school? If you do that, who is going to be paying the salaries of the tenured professors who have 5 hours of work a week? 

Courtstorming is here to stay. It's dangerous, not just for the players, but for the students. However, do we want all dangerous acts to be banned by the nanny NCAA? Absolutely not.