SNL Cut Easily The Best Sketch From The Shane Gillis Episode


What the fuck! How did this not make the cut?! Finally something different and hysterical from SNL and they left it on the cutting room floor! Makes me wonder what else they are keeping from us. We had to sit through what felt like 45 minutes of Bowen Yang on Weekend Update for god knows what reason, but LiMu the Emu doing coke is put on Twitter? No wonder people say "SNL is dead" or's not because they can't come up with funny sketches, it's because the funny sketches never see the light of day.

And that, my friends, has sort of been my point for the last 5-10 years or so. I don't doubt there are hilarious writers over at SNL. But I also don't doubt the show has lost itself so badly that the theater kids in charge of the decisions (and Lorne Michaels who seems to be in his "old man who doesn't know up from down" era) just have no clue what people want to see. Tim Robinson, whose sketch show on Netflix "I Think You Should Leave" has redefined sketch comedy for the modern era, was taken off the show as a performer, and then as a writer couldn't get any of his sketches on the air. That says everything you need to know about what sort of comedy they want over there- bland, bad, vanilla political nonsense. We get it, you don't like Trump, spare us for a minute PLEASE.


I mean shit, they opened the Gillis episode with a Trump-based cold open that only got zero laughs. It was almost as if it was the writers saying "oh yeah, you want Gillis hosting? Well we are going to do a shitty Trump sketch at the top out of spite". And what's sad is multiple people HAD TO THINK THAT WAS FUNNY ENOUGH TO BE THE COLD OPEN!!!!

Also, the very final sketch of the night, Shane playing a Packers fan with a butt plug up his ass, was the best sketch of the night and they put it at the very end. 

I don't think he'll do it any time soon because Shane is a nice guy who very much appreciates the honor of hosting SNL, but I cannot wait til he opens up about what really went down during the week. The concessions he had to make, the biting his tongue in the writer's room when they were pitching bad lines, etc. I wrote this on Saturday but SNL needs to be completely recalibrated. People should EXPECT raunchy, edgy, going over the line, etc. Not bland Trump political nonsense that they pass off as satire. Nobody wants that shit. Let's make SNL about...dare I say it...comedy again. 

Overall I think Shane's episode was one of the better episodes of the last few years, but no matter what, the blue haired weirdos they have making the decisions are always going to hold the show back.