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Ronaldo Continues To Be The Softest, Weakest Dude In All Of Sports - Now Being Investigated For A 'Lewd' Gesture To Fans Chanting Messi At Him

Pervert! I actually don't even know if I can call that jerking off motion? If so, Ronaldo has no idea how to jerk off, but this 'lewd' act as I've seen everywhere is disgusting. It's also why I laugh at people who actually think Ronaldo can sniff Messi's jock in the conversation. Messi dominates Ronaldo's brain. Ronaldo out here in front of a few dozen people in Saudi Arabia and getting rattled by simple Messi chants and meanwhile: 

I'm also well aware nothing is going to happen to Ronaldo here. You think the Saudis are going to punish their star? Come on. We all have a brain. But the man can't handle Messi. He acts like a little child who throws temper tantrums. In fact he's Ronaldo is basically my 4-year old when I tell him he can't have candy or a snack until he finishes his dinner. Just a full melt down. That's Ronaldo 

This is why Ronaldo can't handle a real league like the MLS. You think it's tough in Saudi Arabia? Buddy wouldn't know what to do walking into central Ohio and getting hit with Messi chants. If the Saudi Arabian League wants to be taken seriously, they need to crack down on this. Prove a point and make Ronaldo lose to Messi again. Make him publicly say that Messi owns all the real estate in his head and he will always cry at the simple chanting of his name. Make him admit the truth.