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Patrick Kane's Return to Chicago Was Only Missing A Fight With Connor Bedard

You know how sometimes when people have an old dog, they'll get a new puppy when it's almost time for the old dog to go to doggy heaven? The owners can't handle the idea of not having a dog in the house. And then the old dog kind of realizes that something is up. He gets the sense that he's being replaced. It can't exactly be the most warm and fuzzy feeling to know your family is already moving on to a newer, younger version of yourself whenever your time is up. 

Patrick Kane was replaced by almost a carbon copy of himself, just as a right handed shot. Both a couple of undersized guys with oversized skill, and the insane ability to overtake even the biggest of moments. Patrick Kane was the old dog, and Chicago kicked his ass to the curb. Connor Bedard is the new puppy who is sleeping in his bed, eating out of his dog bowl, pissing on his favorite tree stump, and getting all the treats. 


And then Connor Bedard is going to have the indecency to lay the body on Patrick Kane during his return to Chicago?

Some times the old dog needs to show the new pup that he still has some bite left in him. 

I don't think Patrick Kane has any fights to his name during his career so far. But there's still time to change that. The world deserves to see the epic brawl between Patrick Kane and Connor Bedard. The 1st overall pick to Chicago in 2007 teeing off on the 1st overall pick to Chicago in 2023. Come to think of it, I can't think of many times where two former 1st overall picks fought each other. Pretty sure Steven Stamkos has gone at it with Aaron Ekblad and Auston Matthews before. Alexandre Daigle was fighting himself during most of his career. And if Bedard wasn't wearing that damn bubble, we could have added him vs Kaner to that list last night. 

Instead, the old dog Patrick Kane had to bite back in the only way he truly knows how. By completely stealing the moment in legendary fashion. 


Fuckin' Showtime. Everyone in the building going nuts…besides maybe Chris Chelios. Who gave Patrick Kane literally one rule for the day, and that was to not steal his thunder.