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Shane Gillis' SNL Monologue Was Perfectly Equally Funny And Uncomfortable


So tonight is everyone who reads this site's Super Bowl (besides the Super Bowl). Shane Gillis is hosting SNL. Bars are empty, the highways have no traffic, and SNL has never had more buzz. After a lackluster opening sketch, Shane took the stage and delivered as equally funny and uncomfortable monologue as I can remember. It's pretty unfortunate the SNL live crowd wasn't there to laugh at jokes. After a lot of nervous energy at the beginning, Shane settled in and nailed it. I actually think the wildly uncomfortable first half of it added to it, as he set the stage of who he is and what he's about. If you re-watch, the band behind him HATEDDDDD it, and didn't even crack a smile, nevermind laugh. Again, that probably adds to the lore of it, like only Shane will do a monologue saying "retard", "cracker" and making Downs Syndrome jokes.

I would like it if do I put this....used comedians more? I get they need to have celebrities as the hosts, but we need to re-set the stage of what SNL is all about. Hosts shouldn't feel awkward making jokes, and the crowd needs to be recalibrated to laugh at jokes. I know that sentence was a clusterfuck but you get what I mean. SNL has gone so far off the (left) deep end that even the crowds aren't laughing at comedy anymore. If we had more hosts like Shane Gillis, we could change the perception of the entire show.