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More NYC Facts For Your Sunday Morning

Getty Images.

Spring Training has started! Spring Training is also the most boring thing in the world and I love baseball. Here are some New York City facts to pass the time while we sit around waiting for the weather to get better and this miserable season to end.

This was not a great experience. Spent time looking up shit about the High Line, had all these ideas in my head of where to shoot this…and it was fucking closed. It was already Sunday (I post these on social medias on Sundays) and I had the information already so we just shot it. I think it came out OK but I was pretty disappointed. I don't see why the High Line needs to be closed due to weather. Let people make their own decisions if they want to go up there…and it wasn't even bad out when we did this.

I had no idea how many connections Tiffany's had to sports before I did this one. MLB, NBA and more all have direct links to Tiffany's. The Yankee connection really surprised me.

So my original plan was to shoot this one talking about the NY Football Giants playing at Yankee Stadium and then I was going to shoot another one at Monument Park because we took a tour there that same day. But the tour guide really asked no one shoot videos and the tour group was small enough where I couldn't hide and quietly do it. So I'll have to do Monument Park another day. 

It was cool standing where old Yankee Stadium used to be and especially to be on the grounds where the field was. It's just special to walk where Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio and Mickey Mantle all played.

This is my favorite one that I've done recently. I can't imagine having all four MLB and NFL teams all playing at Shea Stadium in the same year. It must have been awesome being a sports fan in Queens in 1975. 

If you are still on the toilet or just need to waste more time, here are some more NYC Facts that I've blogged.