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It Looks Like We're Getting A Modern Remake "American Psycho" So We Can Look Forward To More Patrick Bateman Memes

A few movies from their era have endured quite like "American Psycho" has. It came and went when it originally dropped in theaters, but it developed a strong cult following in the past, largely because of an incredible performance by a young Christian Bale. It's one of those movies that everyone has a really strong opinion about. Personally, I love it. It's one of my favorite films. I totally understand why some people didn't vibe with it when it was first released in theaters. I think it's fucking hysterical in the moments where it tries to be funny, and as somebody who has read the source material, I prefer the movie to the book. I can't go into too much detail, but I almost vomited reading that book. It is deeply descriptive with its depictions of murder, and if it were to be faithfully adapted, the film would have to be NC-17. But now it looks like we're getting a remake set in the modern age. 

I'm one of those people who just kind of shrugs his shoulders at remakes. If they're good, it's awesome. If not, the originals are always there. I don't believe that a remake can ruin the legacy of what came before it. Given its cult status, I figured we would get a continuation, remake, or "American Psycho" at some point. The original film had such great direction by Mary Herron, who never went on to direct anything significant after that. But what made "American Psycho" an iconic film is the lead performance by Christian Bale. I would've loved to have seen him slip into the role again. I know we got a direct-to-DVD sequel to American Psycho starring Mila Kunis. Yes, they did really happen. I believe Patrick Bateman is featured at the beginning of that film, but Christian Bale does not play him. 

While perusing social media, a lot of people pointed to Glenn Howerton as potentially being a perfect choice to play an updated Patrick Bateman. That would make sense. If anyone's ever watched "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," Dennis Reynolds does give off a lot of Patrick Bateman energy. I remember back when I was recording Lights Camera Barstool, I said that if they were ever to remake "American Psycho," Alexander Skarsgård would be a perfect choice. It's a difficult role to play because you have to pull off being cold and threatening while also being remarkably charismatic. You need an actor with a lot of range. I was shocked when I saw that Skarsgård was 47 years old. I still think he could pull it off, but my guess is they'll go with somebody younger. 

While I'm definitely intrigued by this, I feel like they would be better suited setting it in the 2000s as opposed to the modern age. The original film came out in 2000 and was mocking 80s culture. It'd be neat if they turned early 2000s culture on its head for the remake, but it doesn't look like that's what we'll get. I wonder which modern musician will allow their music to be played as Patrick Bateman cuts through people. I'm going to guess Dua Lipa. She can even cameo in the film.