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There's Nothing Better In Sports Than The Sound Of An Entire Arena Going Silent After A Buzzer Beater

I know everyone loves the sound of the walk-off homer and the crowd going crazy. It's great, don't get me wrong. But this? This is the best. Getting an entire arena, your rival's arena to shut the hell up after sticking a dagger right in their heart is the absolute best. I know people will even bitch about just dribbling around and settling for a jumper. It worked! That's all that matters. It's about to be March. You take the win and get the hell out of there. 

Look at these fans. I sneaky respect the one guy going with the bird. 


I know we keep saying we're getting close to March, but how can you not be romantic about this? A buzzer beater against your rival is more romantic than sex. Even more importantly, this is why we need Bedlam to continue. Fuck the conference realignment that will take any of this stuff away from us. Give us Bedlam. Give us buzzer beaters.

The best sound in sports is no sound.