No, We Should Not Ban Court Storms. Stop Being Stupid

We know what happened - maybe. We now have an alternate angle: 


Either way we have the dumbest debate going on. One that happens every single week basically. Ban court storms! Look at how bad they are! No. Let's not do that, that's dumb. This is a staple in college sports. This is a staple in sports period. You know what the real argument is? Have your security lined up. Be ready for a court storm, even if you're a favorite. It's the first time Wake was favored over Duke since 2005. 2005! #DKPartner

Of course they were going to storm the court. Shit, Wake has been starved for relevancy since Skip Prosser was there. No we should never ban court storms. I mean, ban it if you're like a double-digit favorite or a real blue blood (go ahead Indiana. You're irrelevant.). But the real solution is just have people ready for it. There was NO ONE from Wake around. You want to argue that? Go ahead. 

How quick do we think K would have been in Wake's locker room though? 100% chance he would have delivered an unbelievable press conference. Scheyer doesn't have that in him yet. But let's all stop the banning of court storms. It's a tradition. Hell, I stormed Kentucky's football field 3 times during my time there, no one got hurt. Weird how that happens too and no one says anything.