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Blue Jays Reliever Tim Mayza's Last Place Fantasy Football Punishment Had Him Serve As The Team's Bat Boy For The Day

In what world is this a “punishment”? Being a bat boy is MUCH better than playing in your teams first spring training game. Still get to hang with the boys, don’t have to play, get your steps in, chew on some seeds and chug body armor water. That’s living the life if you ask me. And he got the custom 4-10 jersey, gotta have all of the league sign it and hang that up too. Seems like a pretty good gig if you ask me. 

Going 4-10 def isn’t great, esp when you take Tyreek Hill with your first pick, but again there are definitely worse punishments. In my league we had the loser host an ice cream party for the league while we watched the Saturday wild card games, you’ve heard the boring “loser takes the SAT” punishments, this is one that I don’t think anyone would mind. If you’re going to be stuck in the dugout for a game like this that you probably won’t be pitching in, might as well stay busy. I mean what’s the worst part of your day if you’re a bat boy? Having to get a new bat out there if one gets broken? This is a walk in the park punishment for last place, who knows if he’ll do it all game too but at least he’ll work up a sweat. 

It’s not an emasculating or embarrassing punishment, it’s not humiliating, you’re not eating the hot chip or anything, just collecting bats on a nice day in Florida. Sign me up for this league. I’d love to just be a bat boy too, if you’re a baseball league looking for a bat boy a weekend game lmk. I’d put on a clinic.