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PSA: Please Don't Beat Up Your Genitals

On the last episode of the Bracket, we had Blutman, Robbie Fox, Klemmer and Rudy on the pod to debate who would be the worst fictional roommate. In this particular segment, Cheah was bringing up a great point! The best thing a roommate can do is not be present but still be paying rent. You get all the benefits of privacy without getting hit in your wallet. However, his primary reasoning was, in typical Cheah fashion, as horny as humanly possible. Because he wants to beat his dick up

Giphy Images.

To be fair, Cheah has admitted that he is absolutely abusive to his meat. He said he popped a boner once per period every year of high school. Also possibly cranked it between periods but he refused to confirm or deny. Either way, brutalizing your dick and balls is not the way to do it. 

You can watch/listen to the full episode below