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A New Goal: Make Sure Every Single Person Is Aware Of Giusy Meloni As She Becomes The Next Superstar

I'm fully aware how talking about a career goal as a blogger might sound weird, but it's still my career. I still have no idea how to explain it to people what I do. Even weirder when I got hired full time and had to quit my real cube job and explain what I was doing to a man in his 60s. But now I figured it out and I need to send a thanks to our AI pal, Karim. He recently declared himself the No. 1 person on the Sydney Sweeney beat. 

Smart. That's how you keep the pageviews up. Now it's easy to be on the Sydney Sweeney beat. She's a megastar, she posts all the time and every blog plays. She's far from the first. This blog was built on following people. This blog was built on catching dance moves, pictures, videos, moments of people from Lindsay Lohan to Justin Bieber to Sydney Sweeney.

 Sometimes you gotta find the money in the crumbs. I know it sounds weird as the Kentucky guy, a program who has a brand all over the place, but you gotta dig to find people who can play. That's why it's my new career goal to make sure every person knows who Giusy Meloni is. 

I've blogged about her before, sure. 

But she's like Max Abmas at Oral Roberts. You saw him in March a couple years ago, fell in love and then forgot about him because he was buried off of TV. Giusy is over in Italy, doing her thing on TV yet rarely posts. Every so often I go to check and it's the same. Her new posts are like the NCAA Tournament though. We're all reminded of how great the event is. Now Max Abmas is at Texas and always on TV. That's the trajectory for Giusy Meloni. Texas is back, the blog is back. 

You heard it here first, the next superstar. I feel like Fran Fraschilla during Draft season when he talks about guys being 2 years away from being 2 years away.