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Eli Manning Creates Another Masterpiece: We're Getting A New Show Featuring Glen Powell That Is Based On Eli's 'Chad Powers' Character

I have no idea if this is going to be any good. I choose to believe it will because Eli Manning is a soon-to-be Hall of Famer, all-around one hell of an American and can't do anything wrong. Okay, maybe those left handed passes, but we'll let it slide. Gunslinger mentality who should be praised. And now we're getting a TV show off of Eli's hit character Chad Powers. You remember Chad Powers, right? 

Completely believable and fooled everyone because Eli is an also an incredible actor. Facts are facts here on this website. We're never blinded by fandom or anything like that, we just call it as it is. 

Now here's my one request. It's on Hulu, not some cable television Network. Make it like Blue Mountain State. If Alan Ritchson can go from Thad Castle to Fast X and Jack Reacher, surely we can have the reverse from Glen Powell. He goes from Top Gun: Maverick to Chad Powers. Make him like Alex Moran, but actually has the ability to throw a football naturally. 

Really this is just credit to Eli. Everything he touches is gold. The Giants (twice). The ManningCast. Chad Powers. What can't the man do? I like Glen Powell and still have no idea why they just don't let Eli be the star. He'd become America's heartthrob in an instant.