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If You've Never Seen 'The Sopranos', You Should Be Banned From Watching All Other TV Until You Do

On the last episode of the Bracket, we had Blutman, Robbie Fox, Klemmer and Rudy on the pod to debate who would be the worst fictional roommate. One of the many options was one of the most annoying characters of all time, Janice Soprano. You can imagine how shocked I was to learn that HALF the room(s) had never seen 'The Sopranos', including self-professed paisan Tommy Smokes. 

Lets get something clear right off the bat, 'The Sopranos' is the best television show of all-time. To be a fully-grown adult (that access to premium TV) that has never seen it is CRAZY. It's not even like some extremely debatable ranking with a ton of different opinions like "whats the greatest movie". If you ask anybody who is a regular TV watcher what the best TV show ever is, the most frequent answer will be 'The Sopranos'. So to spend time watching twitch streamers (Rudy), All-22 (Cheah) or Tommy's Thoughts (Tommy) when you have this show on deck makes no sense to me. 


Also, lets give a hand to Blutman. He got asked to join the show 5 minutes before we started recording and dropped one of the funniest deliveries I've heard in a while. What a gem. 

You can watch/listen to the full episode below