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Gotta Get The People Going: UTEP Football Coach Shows Up To Hoops Game In Body Paint, Goes Berserk Trying To Distract Free Throw Shooters

Every so often I'm reminded exactly why we need 363 Division I basketball teams. For moments like this. A moment when the football coach shows up in full body paint and goes bananas for the dozens and dozens in attendance. Look at this man. That's dedication. This is taking Bruce Pearl to the next level. 

That said, I don't care for the fact that Scotty Walden is in good shape. Seems like you're bragging about working out here, pal. I want a little flab from a coach if they are going to go shirtless in body paint at a game. For sure don't like the fact that Walden is younger than me. Dude is just 34 years old and a Division I head coach. Maybe that's why he's in such good shape, but you gotta let yourself go a little bit. Everyone knows the best football coaches aren't exactly in the best shape. 

G Fiume. Getty Images.
Jamie Squire. Getty Images.

That said, if you can't laugh at him jumping into the student section and seeing it's like 6 people, come on. That's fucking hilarious, because it's peak mid-major basketball. Outside of a select few this is what you get. You get a few dozen people who are diehard UTEP fans and talk about the glory days of the 1966 national title or Tim Hardaway or Billy Gillispie making the Tournament. Quick sidenote, Hardaway's crossover being the UTEP two step is such an elite name. That should be talked about more. 

Tough to show up like this in a loss though

Then again you're 13-14 so what do you expect? All I know is this is how you sell your football program. Blast some bare chest, paint up and hop on media tables.